Season 1, Episode 1
Screen s01e01 big
Air date July 7, 2006
Written by Steven Franks
Directed by Steven Franks
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"Pilot" is episode 1 of season 1 of Psych and is the first episode overall. It was written and directed by Steven Franks.


Raised by his policeman father to be especially observant of his surroundings, Shawn develops a talent to deduce the solution to crimes by simply watching TV reports. Usually just 'phoning in tips to the police, after seeing a report on a kidnapping, he visits the police, who suspect he is involved in the crime. Convincing them he has psychic abilities, the police hire him to help them on this high-profile case. Shawn thinks the kidnapping is a set-up, but when he tracks down the place he thinks the "crimimals" are hiding he, and the police, are in for a nasty surprise.




Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

Goofs, Bloopers & Continuity ErrorsEdit

Shawn's Both WaysEdit

Alias' UsedEdit

Pineapple WatchEdit

  • After convincing Gus, Shawn pulls Gus' keys off the wall, followed by the pineapple.
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