Season 1 (2006 - 2007)Edit

Screenshot Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate # Total Count
Screen s01e01 "Pilot" Steve Franks Michael Engler July 7, 2006 1 1
The police department in Santa Barbara hires someone they think is a psychic detective.
Screen s01e02 "Spellingg Bee" Steve Franks Mel Damski July 14, 2006 2 2
Shawn and Gus investigate a crime at a spelling bee.
Episodetemplate "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece" Steve Franks Michael Zinberg July 21, 2006 3 3
Shawn decides that his assigned case is dull, so he and Gus decide to solve the case of a missing engagement ring.
Episodetemplate "Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets" Steve Franks Jeffrey Melman July 28, 2006 4 4
Shawn and Gus are on the trail of newly released bank robbers and the stashed loot.
Episodetemplate "9 Lives" Steve Franks Matt Shakman August 4, 2006 5 5
Shawn and Gus are on the trail of newly released bank robbers and the stashed loot.
Episodetemplate "Weekend Warriors" Steve Franks John Fortenberry August 11, 2006 6 6
Someone is shot during one of Lassiter's Civil War reenactment rehearsals, and Shawn and Gus join the group to solve the murder.
Episodetemplate "Who You Gonna Call?" Steve Franks John Fortenberry August 18, 2006 7 7
A man comes to Gus and Shawn claiming he's being haunted, while Carlton and Juliet work the murder of a doctor.
Episodetemplate "Shawn vs. the Red Phantom" Anupam Nigam John T. Kretchmer August 25, 2006 8 8
The disappearance of a teenager sends Shawn and Gus to a comic book convention.
Episodetemplate "Forget Me Not" Lee Goldberg Mel Damski January 19, 2007 9 9
Shawn is asked by a woman he went to grade school with to help her father, a former police captain, find who murdered someone... as he's not able to remember either the perpetrator or the victim.
Episodetemplate "From Earth To Starbucks" Steve Franks Michael Zinberg January 26, 2007 10 10
Shawn decides to help Lassiter solve a crime, unbeknownst to him, since he's doubting his abilities as a detective.
Episodetemplate "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead" Steve Franks Michael Zinberg February 2, 2007 11 11
When naked men keep turning up in the same field, Gus is sent on a sacrifice date to gather clues, and Shawn learns more about his dad than he ever wanted.
Episodetemplate "Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder" Andy Berman Lev L. Spiro February 9, 2007 12 12
Shawn and Gus horn their way onto murder case as consultants, which includes propping up the lead attorney and somehow proving the client didn't commit the crime.
Episodetemplate "Game, Set... Muuurder?" Anupam Nigam James L. Conway February 16, 2007 13 13
Shawn manages to get assigned to missing tennis player's case, but his observations don't seem to be leading anywhere and he's forced to ask for help from an unlikely source.
Episodetemplate "Poker? I Barely Know Her" Kerry Lenhart Joanna Kerns February 23, 2007 14 14
Henry's friend refuses to call the police when his son goes missing.
Episodetemplate "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast" Steve Franks John Landis March 2, 2007 15 15
While Juliet is undercover, she asks for psychic help at a sorority; back at the station, Lassiter is paired with a most challenging partner.

Season 2 (2007 - 2008)Edit

Screenshot Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate # Total Count
Episodetemplate "American Duos" Steve Franks John Landis July 13, 2007 1 16
Shawn & Gus are hired to protect a reality-show judge who has escaped a series of attempts on his life.
Episodetemplate "65 Million Years Off" Steve Franks Tim Matheson July 20, 2007 2 17
Shawn worries he may be losing his meal ticket when Lassiter goes on a winning streak, solving nine cases in a row, so he horns in on the current case...jeopardizing his and Gus' credibility when he claims a T-Rex killed the victim.
Episodetemplate "Psy Vs. Psy" Andy Berman Mel Damski July 27, 2007 3 18
Shawn goes up against a federal psychic, and Juliet is entranced with the Treasury agent who accompanies her.
Episodetemplate "Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds" Saladin K. Patterson Stephen Surjik August 3, 2007 4 19
A case involving a chop shop owner has Shawn having second thoughts, triggering an unexpected first for the would-be detective.
Episodetemplate "And Down the Stretch Comes Murder" Josh Bycel Michael Zinberg August 10, 2007 5 20
Jockey Jimmy Nickels, a bully who went to school with Shawn and Gus, hires them to find out why his horses keep losing. Things become complicated when another jockey dies in the midst of a race.
Episodetemplate "Meat Is Murder, But Murder Is Also Murder" Daniel Hsia Eric Laneuville August 17, 2007 6 21
Shawn and Gus investigate who poisoned a food critic. Gus's uncle Burton comes to town and tags along on the investigation, so Gus pretends to be psychic.
Episodetemplate "If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?" Anupam Nigam Arlene Sanford August 24, 2007 7 22
Two students claim that one of their teachers is a murderer after hearing a phone call. It is Juliet and Lassiter's one year anniversary as partners and Juliet takes her first lead detective job.
Episodetemplate "Rob-a-Bye Baby" Tami Sagher Paul Lazarus September 7, 2007 8 23
In the middle of a crime wave, Chief Vick assigns Shawn and Gus the staid duty of finding her a new nanny.
Episodetemplate "Bounty Hunters!" Andy Berman John Badham September 14, 2007 9 24
Juliet asks Shawn and Gus for help in capturing an accused murderer who escaped from her. They track the man down, but soon discover he is innocent and they try to find the real killer - but things are complicated by a bounty hunter.
Episodetemplate "Gus's Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy" Saladin K. Patterson Oz Scott December 7, 2007 10 25
Gus' dad is accused of murdering the meanest man in the neighborhood, and he enlists Shawn's help to clear him.
Episodetemplate "There's Something About Mira" Josh Bycel Joanna Kerns January 11, 2008 11 26
Shawn finds out a secret of Gus's involving a woman he can't say no to. Lassiter learns that Juliet received a higher score on the detectives' exam than he did, prompting a heated competition between them to see who is truly the better detective.
Episodetemplate "The Old And The Restless" Anupam Nigam Jason Ensler January 18, 2008 12 27
When a man goes missing from a retirement home, Shawn and Gus need help getting in to investigate.
Episodetemplate "Lights, Camera... Homicidio" Andy Berman Matt Shakman January 25, 2008 13 28
Shawn and Gus investigate a murder on the set of a popular Spanish soap opera.
Episodetemplate "Dis-Lodged" Tim Meltreger Mel Damski February 1, 2008 14 29
A man dies during a ritual at the Monarch Lodge, a local brotherhood, and Lassiter's soon to be ex-father-in-law is the prime suspect.
Episodetemplate "Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion" Steve Franks Mel Damski February 8, 2008 15 30
In order to investigate the murders of both heads of a prestigious fashion house, Shawn and Gus go undercover as models.
Episodetemplate "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead" Steve Franks Steve Franks February 15, 2008 16 31
When a 3000-year-old mummy disappears from a museum, Shawn comes to the unlikely conclusion that the artifact walked out on its own. Meanwhile, Henry is acting strangely after receiving a mysterious phone call.

Season 3 (2008 - 2009)Edit


Season 4 (2009 - 2010)Edit


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